PAY: £120-£200 PER HOUR

Photo Shoot

Duration: Usually between 30-60 mins.

Suitable Age: Any guy over 18.

Other requirements: This type of work is more about attitude than appearance. You need to have a certain degree of confidence and initiative. An ability to engage in banter is always helpful. You need to be able to focus on a goal and have the right mindset - you will be exploiting another guy for entertainment whilst at the same time making yourself look good.

Content: Being dom gives you the opportunity of helping me to use and humiliate a guy. I am happy to give guidance and direction to guys, but I also enjoy just letting guys get on with doing whatever they enjoy doing whilst I stand back and film. This type of work will involve sexual activity, but what this actually consists of will depend on you (and what we agree prior to the shoot).

Things to think about: Ideally, you will need to be able to get erect on camera which is harder than it seems (no pun intended). Domination work is not about hurting lads, but about exploiting and humiliating them. If you feel guilty at the idea of using a guy for the purposes of entertainment, then this type of work isn't for you.

Pay: There are a number of factors which affect pay, such as availability, whether you want to wear a mask and if you're able to penetrate the sub. Although previous experience is not essential, it can sometimes help determine your fee.

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