In this section, I'm going to share with you my tips and advice based on over a decade of working within the adult photography & film industry. There seems to be a lot of information out there for females, but nowhere near enough for men. Even worse, much information for men seems to perpetuate myths and misunderstanding. The following information is compiled from my own experiences and also from other guys with whom I've worked.

Warning: This page contains nudity.

Decide what you are comfortable with

Before you approach photographers, directors and studios for work you need to be very clear as to what you are willing and unwilling to do. It's good to be open-minded, but having a firm idea of your current limitations will hopefully help you avoid wasting anyone's time (including your own) and prevent you being coerced into something that you later regret.

Which of the following shoots do you think you'd be comfortable trying?

Fetish Clothing
You would do shoots wearing gear such as leather, being suited and booted, sports gear, etc
Underwear modelling
This seems straight forward, but remember that you'd be expected to wear whatever underwear you were given regardless of how revealing or uncomfortable they were.
Nude (implied)
Often described as 'arty nudes', you would be expected to pose naked but your genitals would be tastefully obscured.
Full frontal nudity
For most adult content this is an essential element. You need to be willing to take off all of your clothes and pose naked with everything on show.
Adult Erotic Shoots
This could involve aspects of the other styles of shoot . If the work is more on the erotic side, sexual activity is usually implied rather than explicit although you may need to get an erection. You could be working solo, or with others and you could be using props such as whips, handcuffs,etc
Adult Porn Shoot
The difference between this and an erotic shoot is that porn often includes elements of all the other types of shoot but also some sexual activity, possibly using sex aids. Porn can range from a solo shoot where you wank yourself off, to a group sex shoot.

Let's bust some myths about guys working in the adult entertainment industry

You need to be young and fit to do adult modelling: Not true. There is a vast range of fetishes for which the adult entertainment industry caters. Yes, you might be a blond haired, blue eyed 18 year old footballer who gets offered lots of work, but there might be people out there who actually preferring looking at 45 year old beefy bearded guys.

You need to be well hung: Nope, again not true. Many sites will want guys with big cocks, but others like mine welcome guys regardless of what they are packing in their pants.

You need to get hard and cum to order: Not always. Depending on the nature of the shoot, it might be other people who are naked whilst you keep your clothes on. You might be naked and having things done to you. Yes, for the majority of men on female shoots, the man is usually required to get hard, but man on man shoots have more flexibility.

Only gay men do 'gay' porn: Utter rubbish. Guys do same sex shoots for a variety of reasons, but a large number would not actually identify as 'gay'. To be honest, I'm looking forward to the day that we stop using such restrictive categories. The only time that a studio might be interested in your sexuality is if they specifically market 'straight' guys going 'gay', or vice versa!

Doing 'gay' porn eventually makes it easier to get 'straight' jobs: Er..yes and no. Most men trying to get their first shoot within 'straight' porn often find it ridiculously competitive. Even when they get their first 'straight' gig many guys often find it difficult to meet the demands. A guy willing to try gay porn is likely to be able to get work more easily. More work means more experience which will make you much more comfortable performing on set. You'll be making contacts, learning how shoots work and building up your modelling CV. We all have to start somewhere! However, some guys just have this illusion that they'll apply for straight porn and get paid to shag pretty ladies. It's rarely that straight forward.

First time guys need to be able to take a hard rough ass fucking: For me personally, this is one of the biggest annoyances with videos that give the impression that a guy who's never tried anal just has something rammed up them. In my opinion, it's totally irresponsible. Most first time guys need easing gently into new experiences. I guarantee that 99% of these so called first timers are nothing of the sort.

Where to find studios to which I can apply for work

Once you know the type of work that you are willing to do, you need to start approaching photographers, directors and studios. If you want to start with a smaller organisation or individual for your first shoot, then Craigslist and Gumtree are good places to start. There are also certain sites that specifically target amateur and first time adult models which can easily be found on Google, such as Adult Life.

If you feel confident and ready, you can also appraoach the larger studios directly. They usually have their own recruitment page on their site. Visiting adult sites will very quickly flag up a range of studios from which to choose, or you can simply use Google.

The Do's and Don'ts of applying for work

• Never pay someone to represent you when applying. Do it yourself.

• Never pay for someone to do a portfolio. It's a total waste of time and money. Photos taken on your phone or on a digital camera should be acceptable.

• Take some photos, all of which should include your face. Have them ready to send to people. It should be enough to have ready a head shot, full length clothed body shot of you facing the camera, a shot of you clothed from the side and then full length shots of you in your underwear from the front and side.

• Never edit your photos or use filters. Keep them natural and take them in good lighting conditions.

• Do not send naked pics of yourself. Be professional. Just because you might be applying to an adult entertainment firm doesn't mean it's okay to just send unsolicited nudes. Also, most establishments will not ask for naked photos of you prior to offering an audition. If they do ask for such pics, be suspicious.

• Don't lie about your age - you'll be caught out. Any reputable studio will do age verification checks before proceeding with your application.

• Don't get hung up on how hung you are. It's common for producers of erotic content to want to have an idea as to the size of a guy's manhood, but that doesn't mean that you need to have massive meat. Just be honest. Over the last decade, the vast majority of my work has involved men taking off all of their clothes in front of me. I've seen a lot of willies of all shapes and sizes. It's just part of the job.

• Be honest about your experience. If you have not tried a certain activity, just say. It builds trust, saves time during the shoot and will help to make things a more pleasant experience.

• Don't start with making demands when first applying for work, or rattle off a list of conditions. This will usually put off prospective employers.

• If you don't like the work that you're offered or the pay, don't be afraid to politely say no. Keep in mind that some people will have more than one website, so always keep it amicable. One day you might be applying to one of their other websites, so don't give yourself a negative reputation.

• Always ask to see a copy of the contract before accepting a job offer. Don't just turn up on the day and read it - you'll not be able to concentrate properly and are more likely to unintentionally agree to things. If someone is unwilling to let you see a contract before you travel over to them, be very VERY suspicious.

• Don't agree to unpaid auditions if they are being photographed or filmed. Any interview/audition that is recorded in any way needs a contract to protect everyone involved.

• Establish beforehand whether your fee includes travel and/or accommodation and confirm how/when it will be paid.

Presenting yourself

White Briefs • Most studios prefer a guy to be clean shaven, or have minimal stubble. There are exceptions, such as if a studio is recruiting bears or is happy to have dominant guys of all appearances.

• Stop trimming your body hair and pubes. A big mistake many guys make is shaving themselves smooth before applying for work. Many studios prefer the natural look. It takes minutes to trim/shave hair, but months to grow it back. When applying for work, bushy is best!

• Get a hair cut. Most studios won't admit it, but unless it's a requirement, guys are expected to have short/medium length hair. If your hair is all messy, or down past your shoulders, you might want to think seriously about sorting it out before applying for work.

• If you can, remove piercings. Unless they are specifially requested, many studios, including my own, see piercings as a hassle.

• Where possible, try to keep your clothing plain and ideally, avoid wearing things that have large slogans, pictures or photos. Often, photographers and directors will tell you what they'd like you to wear if they have specific ideas, but if in doubt just ask.

• For application photos and even for the shoot itself, wear underwear that shows off your assets. Grotty baggy boxers are a no no and in order to show off your bulge, avoid black or dark blue if possible. Coco Chanel said that female models 'can never go wrong with a little black dress'. My advice is that 'men can never go wrong with a pair of plain white briefs'.

Body Hair • Tattoos are not an issue, so don't be put off applying if you have them.

• Don't dress up for the occasion unless you are specifically required to do so. For example, if you are being a dom in a shoot, this doesn't mean that you need to turn up in full leathers!

• Avoid smoking or drinking before a shoot. It might help you relax, but it could stop things even before they start. Remember, be professional.

• If you have a change of heart or are running late for a shoot, give as much advance notice as possible.

• If, once you arrive at your shoot, things don't feel right, DO NOT go through with anything.

Going all the way - My guide to sexual activity on camera

For many guys, adult video work with sexual content presents the biggest conflict - loads of money for a few hours of work, but the idea of doing it on camera, especially for the first time, can be quite daunting. I want to do my best to reassure guys that it doesn't have to be a stressful experience or a deal breaker. The following bits of advice are not only from my experiences, but also from many of the awesome guys with whom I have worked.

Your sexuality shouldn't matter. You might have spent your whole life identifying as 'straight' and only doing ladies. Good for you, but that in no way should stop you doing man on man. You might still be exploring what sort of things you enjoy doing, or coming to terms with an unexplored aspect of your sexuality. If so, you go for it, fella!

Be honest about your experience of doing the content that will be involved. If you've never been with a guy, or haven't done a certain activity, this can actually appeal to many studios rather than put them off. However, seasoned directors like myself can spot very quickly when a so called virgin is nothing of the sort. Don't lie; it immediately breaks trust.

Establish what the sexual content is going to be before arriving on set.

NEVER tell a studio that you're not ready and will come back when you have more experience. It makes you look like an indecisive time-waster. For many studios, you are also throwing away what could be an asset - your innocence. Also, there is no better place to gain sexual experience than with a studio where you'd be looked after and guided by very experienced people.

Don't ever do bareback no matter how much you get offered because it's not worth it. Always ensure that full on sex will be safe only.

Detach yourself and remember that this isn't a sex date. Some guys find it helpful to imagine that they are not really there and are a fly on the wall.

Let the director do the work - just give yourself to them. They should know what they want to get from the shoot and how they want things to go. Many guys put themselves at ease by seeing themselves as a prop on set, not someone who should know everything.

Erection Don't make things hard by worrying about being hard. If you spend your whole time on set worrying about getting an erection, then it's not going to be a good experience. During photoshoots, I often work with guys who've unintentionally got erect. It's totally understandable and not a problem. Conversley, during video shoots, some guys work themselves into a bag of nerves because they can't get hard. My advice is to always focus on the other sensations you are feeling rather than putting pressure on yourself. For example, if you're having your nipples licked, think about how it feels and enjoy the sensation instead of trying to hypnotise yourself into getting hard. From my experience of working with first timers, the best erections always happen at the least expected time.

Bring along a towel and shower gel to clean yourself up afterwards. Also bring baby wipes in case the studio hasn't got shower facilities.

Enjoy the nerves. Seriously, it's part of the experience. There's nothing like your first time doing this, regardless of what 'first time' means to your situation.

Don't beat yourself up if you enjoy it. Seriously, from my experience, guys can sometimes appear uncomfortable after completing a shoot because they actually enjoyed it. This is often the case with men who have always identified as 'straight'. Doing a shoot will not change who you are, but you might discover new things about yourself. I've seen 'gay' guys get hard licking a woman's pert nipples and I've watched 'straight' guys getting rock erections from having their arse played with. No. Big. Deal!

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