What kind of guys are you looking for?
For most types of shoot I tend to work with guys aged 18-35. The one exception is for dominant guys where we have no upper age limit. Appearance-wise, I am looking for all sorts of guys, not just toned models. My work focuses on 'ordinary guys'.

What's the nature of the shoots that you do?
I do photoshoots that usually feature a guy doing various poses in their underwear. My main focus though is on producing videos of man on man action where a guy usually submits to another. This is safe kinky work and is well paid.

Do I need to be well hung to apply?
No, this really is not important to my work, although for certain shoots, your measurements are useful to know.

How do you protect my real identity?
I always agree a stage name prior to doing the shoot. I also agree a 'backstory' for your on-screen persona.

Can I wear a mask throughout the shoot?
No, unless you are wanting to be a dominant guy. For all other shoots your face would be shown.

Can I request photos of the men with whom I'll be working?
No. If this is important to you, this probably isn't the sort of work you should be considering. I can answer some basic questions about the guys who are going to be involved, but this isn't a dating site - it's business. The guys who are most successful in this industry have learnt to separate personal and professional.

Do I have to travel to your studio?
I am based in Southend, Essex. I also have a base in Blackpool. Where possible, it's good for guys to be able to come to one of me facilities. However, this is not a deal breaker and I can consider arranging a venue close to you depending on your location.

I've not done anything with another guy before. Is this a problem?
Not an issue at all as long as you are willing to try. About half of the guys with whom I work have identified as 'straight' and have not done anything with another guy before. I really am an expert at working at your own pace and guiding you through new experiences.

Who is your market?
Anyone over the age of 18 who enjoys the male form. Recent research has shown that it's not just gay men and straight women who enjoy such content. A significant proportion of the audience are likely to be people who do not fit this narrow stereo-type. It's the 21st Century, it should no longer matter. If you like it, then enjoy - guilt free!

Is my sexuality an issue?
No. If anything, my work actively discourages people from feeling pressure from society to categorise their sexual preferences. If there's anything that the internet and social media has taught us it's that people are so diverse. It therefore seems counter-productive to pigeon hole something as complex as sexuality into a narrow range of definitions.

In which countries is your content available?
The benefit of producing digital only content is that I can market it worldwide. On busy days, up to nearly 80% of our custom can be from outside the UK. I have particularly strong sales within Eurpoe and North America. However, my content is not limited to these countries and is available anywhere that allows internet access to adult content.

What if I change my mind about doing a shoot?
I always try be patient with guys, but even then, they can occasionally back out prior to starting a shoot. It's not a problem. I would simply delete your application form and any other data and move on. Obviously, it helps if your are thoughtful enough to tell me asap if you want to cancel.

What data will you keep on file about me?
I need to keep proof of you being at least 18 years of age at the time of the shoot, so I will keep a copy of some photo ID. I will also keep a copy of your original application form as well as a copy of your signed contract. Once the shoot has been completed, this information is stored securely offline.

Will I get more work?
I do not make guarantees, but I have worked with many guys on more than one occasion. It depends on how well the shoot goes, your availability and what new activities you'd be willing to do on subsequent shoots.

Would you be able to help me get work with other studios?
Yes, I can give you advice on which studios to apply to and how, help you with a photo set / video reel and generally help you prepare.

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