PAY: £40-£80 PER HOUR

Photo Shoot

Duration: Usually between 1-2 hours.

Suitable Age: Any male over 18.

Content: There is a vast range of different scenarios that could be arranged. It might be something as straight forward as underwear photos, or arty nude shots. Shoots can get much more erotic and suggestive, although there isn't usually sexual activity. Shoots can also include more than one guy. I often arrange 'situation shoots' which are basically photos that tell a story, such as guys playing strip cards, prison strip-searches, etc..

Things to think about: Decide which kind of photo work you would be comfortable doing. The more willing you are to try things, the more likey you are of getting offered shoots, but it's important that you commit to things with which you know you'll be okay.

Pay: This will depend on the type of shoot. Underwear modelling pays a basic rate, whereas a group 'situation shoot' involving nudity would be the best paid.

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