Photo Shoot

Duration: 1 - 4 hours depending on content.

Suitable Age: 18 - 35.

Other requirements: No experiece needed. It actually doesn't matter if you lack confidence or are nervous - my work keeps it real. I want guys who can just be themselves. However, you must be willing to try new things and be comfortable with full frontal nudity. You need to be able to follow instructions.

Content: Doing a submission video involves you following the orders of another guy (usually me for first-timers). Your role is to do as you're told and be used for the purpose of entertainment. The sub role requires you to show your face and spend the vast majority of your screen time being completely nude - you will be totally exposed! Activities can include being tied up, blind folded, sucking, fingering, sex toys, spanking, arse training, anal sex and masturbation, as well as other kinky sexual things.

Things to think about: I'm an expert at training guys in the art of submission, even if they have never done any man on man before. I am patient and know exactly what I am doing. I make it my mission for subs to leave having had a good time. However, you must understand that the nature of my work is about exploitation and humiliation. You are going to be made to take off all your clothes and perform a range of sex acts with the intention of entertaining those watching.

Pay: This will depend on what you have agreed to do which we will discuss in detail should I be interested in working with you.

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