PAY: £60-£100 PER HOUR

Webcam Sessions

Duration: Usually between 1-2 hours.

Suitable Age: 18-35

Content: Webcam sessions can often be a less daunting but exciting entry point for guys who are either new to modelling or have not done things with another man before. The content varies, but often involves chats about your sexual experiences and fantasies. The session is recorded and all you have to do is chat along, answering questions as honestly as you can, whilst also following orders. You will be expected to undress at some point and perform certain kinky, humiliating and sexual acts, the nature of which you will have agreed before the session starts. All guys are expected to be able to masturbate and ejaculate for the camera.

• You will need a good internet connection.
• The quality of the webcam image needs to be clear and of HD quality, ideally using a PC or tablet. Phones can also be suitable.
• The room that you choose for filming needs to be well lit, quiet, free from disturbances and ideally have somewhere for you to recline such as a bed or couch.
• It is preferrable that you have sound and that chat is done by talking. However, should this not be possible, typing can be used as an alternative (although this will affect pay).
• You need to be able to set up your cam so that it's hands free and set back enough to be able to film most of your body in the same shot.
• You must be willing to show every part of your body to the camera including your face - no masks.
• It's essential that you are able to get an erection, masturbate and ejaculate.
• To be paid you'll need either a Paypal account, or the details to enable a bank transfer. If you prefer, a cheque can be posted to an address of your choosing and sent by recorded delivery.

Things to think about: The more activities that you are willing to try, the more likely you are of getting offered a session. You need to be able to speak/type fluently and follow instructions.

Pay: This will depend on the guy's age and content of their shoot. The picture quality of the webcam is also a determining factor.

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